Personal Narrative: How Bullying Changed My Life

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Sometimes flowers burst out from cracks in the concrete in a desperate search for sunlight. In many aspects, humans operate the same throughout life. Concrete holds us down until we mature enough to bloom and bust through the barrier in order to sense the sweet feeling of life again. This remains one way we break away from the challenges we face in life. I know all too well how to grow from a crack in the concrete. I was 11 years old when I started getting bullied at school. A group of ten girls made comments about everything from my facial and body structure to the way I walked down the halls. I would come home only to lock myself in my room and cry. It did not take long for the bullying to take its toll on me. I became incredibly lethargic, miserable, anxious, and antisocial. I started to fake sickness to get out of going to school, my grades slipped, and my appearance became sickly. Slowly, I started to despise the girl who looked back at me in the mirror. These characteristics did not fit my usual self and the people closet to me started to…show more content…
My parents forced me to go to therapy when they found out about my depressed state, self-harming, and suicidal thoughts. I began going to the Northeast Iowa Behavioral Health Center located in Decorah, Iowa and started to see a therapist named Lexy who mainly worked with teenagers struggling with mental disorders. Lexy was a small, plump woman with short wavy brown hair and freckles spread across her face like stars in the night sky. Her office was very plain containing only three chairs, some decorative items on the white walls, and a bookcase filled with psychological books. Lexy showed sympathy and took the time to find solutions for my situation, all while I slowly started to show an interest in getting better and a year later, I was put on antidepressant
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