Personal Narrative: How Christ Has Changed My Life

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Christ has changed my life. Christ in Youth or CIY is a large organization that has multiple events around the United States to spread love and knowledge about Jesus. It was the summer of 2014 and church camp was located in Macomb Illinois. I some of my friends and a couple of youth sponsors had pushed me to go and I thought it would be something different. While I was there I was led and realized the I was loved and Jesus cared for me. On the way back I started to think about how my life is going to change with the decision that I made to follow Jesus. Throughout my years before CIY I had thought about what life has to offer and what the true meaning or goal of it is. Jesus gave me meaning to life for and a goal to strive for. Changing the…show more content…
I had to start thinking about everything I did and how I would effect others and how they would view me. We had just left Macomb when I started to feel the pressures of what was to come back at home. Chores, work, end of the summer, balancing my life and just adding one more thing to the mix. Sin is what I was thinking about, and I can honestly say I had a problem with lying. It was hot on the bus because 50 kids were on there talking and having a good time. When I was thinking everyone else could see that I was acting differently. While they were having a good time and playing around I had diverged and was quiet. Blaine one of my friends asked me what was up and I said nothing which was a lie. James then asked me a bit later what was wrong and I once again said nothing, yet another lie. It was until Justin and Jeff who were youth sponsors asked me what was going on before I told anyone how I was feeling. I told them that I was feeling good that Jesus loves me even with my mistakes, but what if I fail again? What if I don’t live up to the standards of the Christian lifestyle? This was one of many doubts that would go through my head, and yet I had to figure out a way to live with
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