Personal Narrative: How Does One Cope With Infidelity

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How does one cope with infidelity in a marriage? Answering this question is one that results in different opinions and feelings, often times from the same person. Moreover, if you have had these experiences yourself or are just firm in your ideology; let me assure you the solution is not so clear.
Adding to the drama, not only was my spouse unfaithful, I stumbled upon this information while deployed to Afghanistan. Now I was no different from the majority of people who had not experienced this dilemma, I was under the mindset that an unfaithful spouse was untrustworthy and consequently, a divorce was the only logical answer. That was until confronted with the realization that now, that decision was mine to bear.
Prior to departing my life was perfect, just as you imagine it growing up. My wife, the mother of my two incredible children was a
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As we stood there being praised for our accomplishments, I locked eyes with my wife, neither of us knowing what the reaction would be to being reunited, there was a sense of fear and confusion. What would happen once reunited? Do I embrace her, do I hug my kids and ignore she was even there? As I approached my family I became filled with a feeling that I could not ignore. Love, that was the feeling, regardless of all the drama and heartache that was endured, we embraced. Addressing the situation face to face could now be a priority. Counseling was the first step in the healing process, though I still had doubts, I loved her and was willing to try anything to identify if the marriage was worth saving. During these sessions and continued therapy, we discovered a potential cause for her actions. My wife was with diagnosed Borderline personality disorder, this disorder, though not an excuse, at least it provided an understanding of what she was going through when I was
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