Personal Narrative: How Edgar Changed My Life

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Edgar changed my life. A student I tutored in mathematics while serving for City Year, he was a prototypical student from the South Bronx, with an absentee father and unfair personal circumstances. My life, conversely, had the exact opposite trajectory. Yet Edgar and I developed a mutual trust, and we tutored almost every day. Through hard work, Edgar passed the 7th grade. And in doing so, he taught me two enduring things: to pursue positive change and to utilize my privilege. These two views have catalyzed and grounded my desire to live a meaningful, altruistic life. At Washtenaw Community College (WCC), I have studied one beautiful subject that has given me both the vitality to continue studying it and the excitement to apply it: mathematics. …show more content…

This past summer, I happily explored proofs of cross products, vector projections, and parallelepipeds’ volumes, to name a few, outside of my requirements in class, just so that I could better tutor my fellow students outside of class whom struggled a bit. I found great pleasure in sharing the “why” of a mathematical problem, and it sparked another objective of mine. After hopefully obtaining a degree in pure mathematics, I would commit my free time to tutoring current and past felons in the necessary mathematics they need to obtain an education. Non-violent felons, who have properly served the required time, often rejoin society as people permanently relegated to a lower social class, instead of rejoining as full citizens. My time with City Year and at WCC has clearly defined education as often the best antidote for societal inequities. It is in my conviction of the South African notion of Ubuntu, “my humanity is tied to yours,” that this objective fills me such hope and determination. This, to me, is how a community should function, where personal achievements are seen as keys to unlock the doors of potential for

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