Personal Narrative: How Graduation Changed My Life

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Many high school graduates remember the moment they got a car or the time they got the graduation party they were dreaming of since freshman year. For me it was when my uncle bought me my very own 1911 Sig spartan. It was May 11, 2016, the day of my graduation, my mom, dad, and uncle were there along with some of my dad’s co-workers. I just finished getting my diploma from a teacher i've never seen before, and was glad to meet up with my family.
The next day my uncle Jeff and my dad told me we were going for a ride. The next thing I knew we were in the parking lot of Calibers. Walking in, confused but excited my uncle turned to me and asked “Which pistol would you like?”. Automatically I was gravitated to the 1911’s due to the fact that i’ve
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