Personal Narrative: How I Make Up My Own Myth

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Have you ever heard a story or myth and just wanted to make your own. Well, that is not what happened to me. I was forced to make up my own myth, I was forced by my seventh grade teacher, Mrs. Vann. The assignment that she assigned me was that I had to make up my own god or goddess and a monster. The god that I made up is not a god but a demigod and his name is Suez, his parents are Zeus which is that father and a very poor but beautiful woman named Jessica. Suez could lift holders bigger than a house, he could craft weapons beyond imaginable. His flesh was as hard as steel, he looked like Hercules, but with a darker shade of brown color of skin, he had a fohawk, has a bazooka that has target finder and an R. P. D. on his back and in his arms he always carries an AK-47 which he uses to hunt animal, so he can feed him self and his mother, he had bullets all over his chest, he always wears a jacket so he can keep his hidden …show more content…

He wanted to over throw sues so bad he only focused on training and not on ho or where, but just out of the blue he thought that he tried to call him he would come. He did, just that Suez did not answer. He tried the very next day, he also did not answer. Suez was very unpleased that Zeus would not answer and fight him like a man. He told to himself that this was the last time he was going to ask nicely, and so he took a deep breath and yelled out, “come out and fight me like a man”. about ten seconds later a bright light came from the heavens, Suez was blinded by the light He did not recover his vision until a few seconds later, when he opened them he saw someone standing a few feet away from him, He was not sure if it was Zeus or not, but then all of the sudden that someone said “ is that you son? “ and at that point sues knew that it was his father Suez took a deep breath and tons him “ now you will pay for what you have done to my mother and I, “ now fight me like a

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