Personal Narrative: How It Was Today

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How was today.. Honestly, who knows because i sure as hell don’t know and it really, really bothers me. I just felt numb today, like you know when you go to the dentist and he’ll numb your mouth to pull out a tooth or something, that’s how i felt but it was all over. Like i couldn’t care, like i couldn’t be bothered to care today. I mean i guess it was an okay day at first but i still felt numb and i really want to know why. I’ve also been really tired lately and sleeping in really late which also bothers me but that’s a problem for another day. For right now i want to figure out why i felt like that and if it’ll ever come back and bit me in the ass one day. By the end of the day i was just so exhausted and drained that i couldn’t give a damn
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