Personal Narrative: How Long Have You Been Playing On Mineplex

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Mineplex Experience

How long have you been playing on Mineplex for?

I have been playing on Mineplex for almost 13 months which is how long I have been playing Minecraft.

What game do you most actively play?

I play most actively on Skywars (both teams and solo) and Micro Battle.

I favor Skywars for the following reasons:

1.You can play with your friends on team mode.

2.I love the rush of the game and the intensity when you are building from island to island as you could be knocked off and die.

3.Finally, when you are on teams and your teammate dies you have to now attempt to win the game alone. Then it becomes teams against a single player. If you were to win, you would feel more accomplished and proud of yourself than if you won with
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I am naturally an orderly person who gets the job done, and I am an A+ student who knows how to manage their time spent between school, family, friends, and gaming.. I have also been using computers since a very young age, and have great knowledge of technology. Once I am taught how to do something, I remember it fairly easily, so learning won’t be a problem if I am trainee!

In what ways could you positively contribute to the community?

I could contribute to the community in many ways. One way, is that I can help out and answer almost any question about the server. When people ask me something about the server, I respond immediately. A while ago, my friend went on Mineplex, and closed Global chat previously and could not speak. I then, helped her out. I would do everything in my ability to try and fix a problem if a player has a complaint or issue.

I can also help players try and reduce lag on games such as Minestrike, Super Snake, Dragon Escape, and Castle Siege. I can give them tips and tricks that are normally found under “video settings” to help. The reason that I know this is because on my laptop, I used to get 6 frames per second if I was lucky. Now I get over 60 frames per second if my internet is bad. Keep in mind, the 60fps is without the use of any mods or additional downloads. It’s all found on Minecraft’s default
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I have run many mps and every time it has come out successful. I always gain several friends from them and people were responding back telling me they had the time of their life! My friend also streams on Mineplex a lot so I always help out in his mps if i'm able to. which usually has around 30-40 players a stream. Also, as my mps's, it always turns out successful. I listen to all game suggestions and get every game in as possible, even if I am not fond of the game/gamemode, and that is the reason I am successful with my mps.

I am also an Admin on a server called Convexity. We are starting it up but it has around 15 players. I am in charge of all of the documents that may be needed for the server. Currently, I am working on one’s that will be staff accessible only. When I have finished with that, I will make any documents that we need for the players to look at. We are still getting the server up and running with some games but we are waiting for word from our Dev/Owner when he will be working on them. We are also going to make the website in the next week or so, so I will also be looking at all threads and assisting any person if they need help. If one of the 3 owners are not available, I make sure everyone is satisfied and taken care of. Even though we haven’t done this, there have been rulebreakers on a site called discord and the owners and I have dealt with them
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