Personal Narrative: How Marijuana Changed My Life

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Sometimes things happen in people’s lives in which they have no control over. When these things happen, it is called life experience. You hear people tell you about how some significant event in their lives came along and changed everything. I have had my fair share of life experiences, some were great others left me muttering the word “why me.” As a young boy growing up I read a lot about how drugs particularly “marijuana”. Reading about it always left me with some mixed reactions according to some marijuana was a life saver and it helps them ease their pains, others also argue and made the case about the dangers of it. I was raised in a family who saw marijuana as a bad substance and argued against the use of it. I also have friends who had used it and some who were still using it, each made their case. After reading and doing a lot of research about…show more content…
Instead of staying in school, I rolled the dice and joined my friends whom were ready for their daily ritual. We left school and went to one of my friend’s house who had already rolled it out and so the smoking began and I smoked a bit. After trying it out their suggested I sit down and close my eyes for a bit and let the smoke sink in. Once I opened my eyes I felt a whole different side of the world. My body felt tingly and felt I was walking on the moon. I was also saying a bunch of words I did not even understand, making jokes that I felt was funny. This experience had never happened to me before. But as I was hallucinating, I heard a voice in my head saying do I want to continue this path that may potentially make me a smoker. Yes, I was curious but this is not the life I want to live. There and then I got up and headed straight home. Once I got home I went straight to bed and try to move on from the day. Although I am still friends with people who smoke I made a promise to myself never to try it
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