Personal Narrative: How Music Therapy Changed My Life

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When I started band, I was in the sixth grade, which was a year later than a lot of people in my band. Neither my parents or step-parents were in band, so they were hesitant to let me join. Once I was in Mr. Sacco’s music class, and got to experience what his personality was like (super fun, caring, and spunky), and told my parents. I joined band immediately, or as soon as I could, sixth grade. Even though I was a year behind, my band director as well as the others in my section helped me a lot. Since the beginning of my band experience, I have made many close friendships and had a ton of amazing experiences that may not have happened if it weren’t for band. Everyone always has the most fun on band related trips, from going to auditions, to going to Florida for a week. It has truly been an honor to be in the Ava Pride Band for the past seven years.
Coming soon, I have my audition to be in the band at Drury. I’ve auditioned for many things, including the District band, our local SCA conference band, State band, and even just for my band directors for the seating chart. I’m very nervous, but recently I’ve started going to private lessons
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Music Therapy is a recently growing career, and has many different ways it can be used. You can sooth a dying patient, help an elderly with alzheimer's, assist a child with ADHD, and many other things, just with the power of music. An interesting fact about Music Therapy is that it can actually repair brain damage. To further my knowledge in Music Therapy, and get started for my future, I will be attending Drury University. In Missouri, there are only approximately three colleges which provide Music Therapy as a major. One of the major reasons as to why I chose Drury is because it is very close to home, as well as my high school band. I plan to be in many music related things in college, including different band ensembles, choir ensembles, and even the ukulele
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