Personal Narrative: How My Baby Changed My Life

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Once I became a mother my own free will has been compromised. I no longer get to do whatever I want to do. Before I had my daughter I was able to do whatever I wanted without having to worry about anything or anyone but myself. I got eat whatever I wanted, drink whatever I wanted, and hang out with whoever I wanted. That all changed once I found out I was pregnant.
About four years ago I found out I was pregnant. It was on unplanned pregnancy. At the time I was taking care of my uncle and aunt. My uncle is bed bound and needs to be rolled over and given a bath. I had to tell him the news. At first it was no big deal for me to clean with certain cleaners, but as the pregnancy continued I could not use chemicals like bleach. The bigger I got
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Many of my friends did not have children and wanted to continue to party and do as they pleased. I had to stop for the well-being of my unborn baby. I ended up losing some friends over that. Protection my baby is worth losing all the friends in the world. I had to stop doing many things I enjoyed. I couldn’t swim every day like I use to and it was hard to do tasks that needed me to stand for long periods of time. I wasn’t able to mow my grass or do any cosmetics to my house. My independence slowly slipped away during my pregnancy.
My free will was compromised because I made the choice to make my life about my baby and not my own selfish wants or desire. At work I did not want to strain myself and cause my baby to have discomfort or possibly have a miscarriage. My baby was worth more than my free will. In a way I guess I still did have free will but chose to make her life more important than my wants. When it came to the social seen, I just stayed at home and did the best I could get things ready for the big day. Not being able to do the activities I loved like swimming really did get me down, but I knew she was worth
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I had to wake p to feed her and change her diapers. Once becoming a mother all I wanted to do was take care of her. My wants and desires from a free will perspective were gone. I put my daughter before me. That is how I compromised. Even to this day I still compromise things that I want to do for her and I wouldn’t have it any other way.
Other people should react the same way I did in my situation. In some cases I know I did not act the way I should have. I feel that your attitude towards a given situation is important. Try not to make every conflict out to be a big event. It is hard to not have our free will. I also feel that people should resolve their conflicts on a moral basis. I know that some woman that are pregnant do not understand the consequences of their actions when it comes to their unborn baby. I feel people should do research on the conflict. They should also ask themselves if what they are doing is right or wrong.
I believe people should follow the rules. If you don’t follow the rules you could get in trouble or cause harm to someone else. Some rules are made for the safety of one's self and others around. It is important to me that people follow rules. There are times when you need to break the rules to do the right things. Sometimes gong with ethics, or moral principles, is the right choice to
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