Personal Narrative: How My Emotions Affecting My Learning Mindset

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How Do My Emotions Affect My Learning Mindset?
My emotions are neither good nor bad, but how they affect my thought process is definitely one or the other. A typical example for me, I like to present my work on time. I carefully read and do each and every assignment on time, however when my computer acts up and I cannot be on time I become frustrated. Frustration as an emotion can affect my decision making, because it makes me want to just give up, and this will have a negative effect on my life permanently. It is for this reason it is very important for me to understand how my emotions influence my way of thinking and behaving. I am not a compulsive person by nature, however I have to keep a close eye on my emotions to avoid making hasty decisions. I have to rationalize when making decisions and try not to let my emotions take over. This is one of the reasons it took me almost two years to return to college to finish my degree. I did some things
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I am apt to be a more successful student, by process of elimination. If I eliminate things that are stressful, I am not so emotional and worried, so my learning skill will be sharper. Now that I have better understanding of what role my emotions can play in my decision making and thought process, it will help me rationalize each situation. It was not until I read this article that I realized that we must have regulation of our emotions in order to transfer and connect all the new information that we are learning to what we already have learned. I think that it is just important for the educator to have the emotions under control when teaching as it for the student who is being taught. The main and final point that I learned from the article The Power of Feelings: Emotion, Imagination, and the Construction of Meaning in Adult Learning, is that our emotions must be in balance in order for our minds to be focused and able to
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