Personal Narrative: How Ridley College Changed Me

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College changed me. Ok, well maybe not college in the traditional sense but, the high school Ridley College certainly did. When I told my parents that I wanted to apply to Ridley College as supposed to continuing on the route that I was on and going to my local high school something changed for them. For the first time, at least to them, I was branching out and making decisions for myself. Up until that point I had always just sort of quietly done what was expected of me and never really branched out or stepped off of the beaten path into the unknown. Yet, coming out of elementary school I was fed up with being normal. I wanted to be extraordinary and, in order for that to happen I knew that I was going to have to change things up. I…show more content…
Learning about new cultures is scary enough when you are immersed in just one but, imagine what would happen when you’re not just immersed in one but, you’re immersed in 44 all at the same time and all with screaming differences. To me this presented a situation that I think is unique to students at a boarding school. Spending so much time with people from different cultures has taught me so many new things - to name but a few: I have become more tolerant of foreign things, I have learned of new holidays, and learned to embrace things and people that are different than the things I have or people I know. When I was thrust into this situation of being surrounded by so many different cultures it really forced me to blossom into a new person. If I were to stay my shy, reserved self I would have been swallowed up and spit out. So, I did what I thought to be the only possible course of action. I changed, I started to become a much more outgoing friendly person than I was at the beginning of my career at Ridley. I have changed from being the shy, little grade 9 that I was into a leader in my residence. Instead of being the person I was that was so scared of everyone else to the point where I was afraid to ask for help, I am now the person that is asked
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