Personal Narrative: How To Change Your Perception

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How many of you have something at work that you don’t like to do? Something that you knowingly avoid until you have to force yourself to complete it? I know that I have a couple things that I didn’t enjoy doing, or things that I wasn’t very good at. When I first started working here at Clickstop I was in MFG doing the packaging portion of things. I always tried to push myself to be the fastest at everything that I packed. Everything except for Old Dominion.

I slowed down, didn’t try, and even made excuses to go do something else. The whole process of wrapping up countless straps that will have no end bored and irritated me. I wanted to complete tasks that had an end goal. Not be stuck with something that is never ending. Overall, my outlook
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Ask yourself, does whatever you need to do help you in whatever way in your life later? If it is a yes, do it well. If it is a no, ask yourself can it possibly help you later? Chances are it will. So, look at this as a way of paying your future dues. This is one way of creating passion.

Learn to change your perception. When you change your perception, you change your reality. Because your perception is your reality.

If you want passion to appear, you need to make things meaningful to yourself. How does this relate to you? In the most obscure fashion, we can all make things seemingly unrelated to us carry some meaning. Dig deep into yourself. See it from another perspective.

And how do you change your perspective? By doing. By experimenting. If you continue to say, I do not like this and never try, your life will be miserable. This world isn’t about you, you, you. It’s about how you add to the world. When you can connect what you like to how you do what you do not like, you light the path with the fire to complete anything. You can be creating passion just by learning new things! Take a step back and look at things from multiple points of view. How can you use this to contribute to your life? How can you use this to contribute to your world? Your family? How will someone you love benefit from
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