Personal Narrative: How To Get Into College

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41 hours looking up “how to get into college”. Approximately 12 hours of looking at personal statements that got other people into college. And just about 2 hours writing my own. I’ve spent my whole life living up to other people’s expectations, following what others are doing, and doing what others tell me to do. But for a personal statement, why is it that so much of it revolves around what other people tell you to do. From prompts to teachers telling you a good angle to take, to even parents telling you an important life event that you should include. But what about me? My life is like a personal statement. Not in the literal sense, but within the process, you will find me. The Beginning. Me sitting at the table not having a clue how to start. This is me…show more content…
Speech. The six letter word that can be one’s worst nightmare is the one element that completed me. In my first year of high school, I joined the youth and government program, a program in which 3,000 passionate teenagers meet together for 3 conferences each year. It was within this program that I had this newfound confidence to speak in front of people. I was able to find a passion for debate in front of a group of people that actually cared to listen. Even as a small freshman in the program, I had oh so daunting Seniors look at me as their equal. It was a foreign experience to me. People actually cared for the thoughts that escaped my mouth. The Youth and Government program is one that has inspired me to grow and experience. Because of this program, I continuously push myself to do bigger and better things. One of the greatest accomplishment I have in the program is having the courage to run for a statewide position. Although, I did not get elected, to this day I believe one of the greatest speeches I’ve ever given was the one for that election. Later on in the program, I also was granted an appointed position for the Youth and Government Speakers
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