Personal Narrative: How To Help The Community

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During the beginning of my sophomore year I would constantly hear students around school converse about wanting to help out the community but didn't know where to start, where to go, or who to talk too about it. I was explaining to my friend about a school club idea that I had, which was to open a club that would help students find ways to assist the community and also receive community service hours for doing so.Therefore, starting junior year my friend and I submitted paperwork to start our own school club, we named it the CAS Hour Club. Our club was composed of many students, from all grade levels, both girls and boys eager to help out the community. We had many club meetings where we brainstormed about many interesting ideas and projects that we could possibly bring to life. We used ideas from our club members to organize many events such as community and beach clean-ups.…show more content…
A fundraiser my friend and i planned out and organized was a Community Movie Night at my highschool, i found a Movie Night to be the perfect idea as fundraiser because my city is quite small and doesn't have a lot of activities, the movie night really brought both the school and the community together, which was something that i really loved, seeing the students and parents enjoying something that my club helped create was very . Overall, my school club was a success, we gave aid to many students and even gave life to my community, definitely will be an unforgettable experience. Our club was more than a simple club at a high school, we became a family and most importantly a support group. All our hard work was completely worth it, i will certainly use knowledge from this amazing experience in the
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