Personal Narrative-Hung-Out

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Two years ago, I received a call from my close friends Julia Yurchenko and Sami Isom. I had just woken up and was still disoriented while they were talking to me. After I got up some more, they asked if I wanted to hangout. Of course I said yes, we always went on some sort of adventure when we three hung-out. When they ended the call, I dressed myself and went outside into the snowy world, completely unaware of what we were going to get ourselves into that day. I walked out to my deep red chevy S10 and situated myself into the driver’s seat. I put my key in the ignition, turned the engine over, and pulled out of my driveway. The roads where I lived were fairly iced over, so I drove slower than usual. The ice eventually became less and less as I came into town. I took the several lefts it took my to get to Sami’s house before the final right that put my right in her driveway. I texted her and we were off without delay. During the short amount of time we had been driving around together, we had already been conjuring ideas about what adventure we should seek out. There was…show more content…
It was hellish driving around with Sami and Julia sometimes, but it was for the most part a normal and comfortable routine for us. We arrived at the entrance of Doc Max, which was just someone’s driveway that continued through into a field. When we passed the last of the gravelly driveway part, the road practically disappeared. The only thing guiding me was some tracks from earlier vehicles. We keep driving slowly into this tundra like field when Julia gave me an instruction: keep driving forward. I did so and watched as the tracks I had been following took a slow, wide left turn and a smaller path was left in front of me with less tracks than before leading me onwards. We drove under a natural arch of trees and Julia instructed me to follow the tracks
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