Personal Narrative: Hunterdon Central TV

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I have always been a creator.

My mind has always led me to make things starting with drawing at an early age. In first grade I made small “comic books” with lined pieces of paper and colored pencils for my dad. When I was in fourth grade I made a stop motion film with action figures, Windows Movie Maker, and my mom’s camera. When I was in fifth grade I begged my parents for my own camera so that I could capture all the fun on our vacation. When I was in seventh grade I made a short educational film to compete in the Pennsylvania Middle School Computer Fair and went on to compete at a regional level. And now that I am in high school I am constantly looking for new ways to express the ideas in my head.

I became fascinated with the idea that
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This caused me to feel a little out-of-place the first few days of high school, but I wasn’t scared in the least bit. I quickly got involved with an amazing activity called Hunterdon Central TV, or HCTV for short. I remember walking into my first meeting for HCTV - I felt at home. I was surrounded by people who shared my love for video and creating. It was amazing being able to make friends that have similar dreams as me because we had many opportunities to work towards them together. I love the environment of HCTV, and it helped me realize that this is what I want to do with my…show more content…
In October 2015 I directed HCTV’s first rendition of the 1938 radio broadcast “War Of The Worlds”. This production was the first time that actors from the theater department combined with students in the communications department to create something that we could all be immensely proud of. Not only did we create a one-of-a-kind production that no one has been a part of before, but it got an overwhelming amount of feedback from the student body as well as the faculty. Being able to see how positively people reacted to something that I directed is a huge motivation to create more productions like this in the
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