Personal Narrative-I Am A Gymnastics

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Deep breaths… Okay- you can do this. It is just you and the vault. Nothing else matters. You have done this a million times before. My couch is always here to catch me if I fall. Muscle memory takes over. When I am in the right mental state, gymnastics seems possible. All sports are half mental. As I sprint down the runway, I know why I am a gymnast. Every bounding step I take I run farther and farther from all that is happening in my life. I can only hear my feet pounding into the springboard. Flying off the vault with a power I do not know I contain, the entire movement zapped into slow motion. This is what every second comes down to. Every minute of training in the gym, every wrist and ankle I have taped, every late night and long drive…show more content…
Each time is different than the last. When my parents told me I was moving again I was actually excited at first. Moving to Colorado seemed fun and frankly, I never felt completely loved, welcomed, and settled in Pennsylvania. I went to school and gymnastics like normal for a few months. Then summer came and we started packing. Competition season was about to start in gymnastics and I was super excited to get my routine choreographed. Then my mom told me that we would not be here for competition season; as a result we were not going to pay to get a routine. I was upset, but reality did not hit me yet. Then I discovered the date of my last practice. The day came and the beginning was normal. We went through our events that day, I worked hard and I came close to getting skills like I did the day before. At the end of practice, when my mom came to pick me up, I realized that this was my last practice. I hugged some of my closest friends and then went to talk to my coaches. When I hugged my coaches I was pretty sad. These were the people that I had spent the last year and a half with and have helped me reach my dream one step at a time. When I said goodbye to Coach Nick I was upset, but I was still happy I could still do gymnastics. Driving away from the gym, I realized that that was the last time I would ever do that. That realization was a stupid little moment, but meant a ton to me. Then I was hit with that fact that we were moving in the same week. This section of my life was over, but I was still pumped that I could still be a gymnast. My gymnastics career was not over. There were different ways I pushed through this, but most of all I focused on the future. I knew gymnastics was not over. I knew that when I arrived in Colorado I could come back as strong as ever. I would still be a gymnast… or at least I
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