Personal Narrative: I Am Better Than You At Basketball

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Boom!!! Someone did a 360 dunk on the other side of the gym! I am at the Ymca gym with all the other 13 year olds. Today is a perfect day to be here because it is September 15, open gym all day for anyone. The year was 2017 the only year that the Y decided to not having to worry about memberships. I was shooting around for awhile until I perceived some on who look so familiar I had to have a conversation with him. It turned out it was someone who goes to my school that was in the same grade that I was in. I asked “would you like to have a one on one basketball game.” I was so astonished what his response was, he responded saying” That would be a waste of time I am better than you at basketball” I supplicated him for a while…show more content…
He chuckled “okay, but this is the catch we will play all around the world not a one on one”. I replied “How can we tell who is better at basketball by playing a shooting game”. He stated “ we will see who is the better shooter, and if we can determine that we will know who is better. I was confused but the only way to play him was by playing by his regulation. He chuckled ” you first let us see if you can make a shot” I got in a good shooting stance on the side of the hoop. Sweat dripped down from my forehead because how apprehensive I was, but I shot the basketball and swish it. My confidence went up like a rocketship taking off outer space! I shot the basketball again and again all you could here in the gym was pop and swish. It was the final shot for the game my opponent did not even go yet because I made every shot. I decided to miss my final shot on purpose so I can give him a chance. He stood up on the side of the basket and airballed it! I chuckled a bit but then I realized shouldn't have when I saw a tear come from the corner of his eye. I felt bad on the inside, but it did not show on the outside. It was my turn it was the final shot for the game for me. Then I thought to myself “what if that was me I would have been more sad than him”. I said loudly “I forfeit you win congratulations you are a better shooter than me. He had more tears come. I went up to him and said you are a good kid don't let a loss pull you down. He had felt better and said I am sorry for being mean to you I just thought I was better than you . I said life is not about winning all the time losing is factor too ,and I hope you understand that
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