Personal Narrative: I Am Dying An Unintentional Death

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I am dying an unintentional /intentional death. I am 43 years old, single, childless, friendless, 377 pounds, I have no savings and I live check to check. I walk through life seeking advice and guidance from my higher power, God. I talk to God as if I am conversing with a close friend, in my everyday unapologetic, unfiltered tongue. After mentioning "you're all I got", I seek real-time guidance, approval and/or opposition from God. Filled with ceaseless streaming services, boundless bowls; plates and cups, and no shortage of pillow drool, my me days are very bleak and mundane. My love/hate relationship with a 12+ years employer ended in 2014. I was elated! A job that I detested for so long, finally decided to put me out of my misery.
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