Personal Narrative: I Am Guilty

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I have learned that there are a few fallacies I am guilty of however, I didn’t realize they would be something I should avoid. I didn’t realize that simple things like giving too much information could be a bad thing however, I now realize staying simple is the way to go. I’m a superstitious person, so Post Hoc, Ergo Propter Hoc is me saying “if you break a mirror that is seven years bad luck” but that isn’t uncommon for me however, it should be avoided when writing because there isn’t logic that bad luck will follow. When I write I have to learn to think logically and simple which will be a challenge for me. I have found I am also guilty of Circular Reasoning. I like to make statements then emphasis to make the statement stronger however, I shouldn’t because it isn’t…show more content…
An example would be “I am tired because I didn’t get enough sleep.” I like the idea on emphasizing on a subject however, I now see that it is not always a good idea because just saying “I didn’t get enough sleep” will pretty much say that I was tired. Hasty Generalization can be an easy fallacy to be guilty of because with my opinion or little evidence I can say anything. I can easily say “All teenagers are having sex” but even though some teenagers are, not all of them are having sex. It is easy to assume all teenagers are having sex because of the rise in teen pregnancy but that doesn’t mean all teens are having sex. These fallacies are easy to accidently use therefore, I know I will have trouble avoiding them altogether. I will have to reread my papers and try my hardest to avoid using them and try to
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