Personal Narrative - I Am Myself

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I braced myself. I had no idea what I was about to experience. Standing outside was a girl about three-fourths his height, but not nearly as thin nor as well-built. She looked fairly average in size, but it wasn 't her size which struck me first. She pixie-cut brown hair with a few pink highlights and a little too much eyeliner. Her shorts were a little too short and a little too tight, and nothing about her struck me as wholesome.Just to make her obnoxious look complete, she was chewing gum a little too loudly. Something about the way she came off made me feel like she wasn 't going to be a good influence on Alex. To be honest, I didn 't want her coming into the apartment in the least. I wanted her as far away from both of us as…show more content…
"Oh... you have a furry for a brother?" she asked. "Not that I mind, I love furries, but that 's something you typically tell people beforehand. I 'm allergic to cats, if he was a cat, I could have become congested or something." I winced. Not only had she called me a 'furry ' twice in one sentence, an extremely offensive thing to call chimeras, but she seemed to blame her inconvenience on both of us, oblivious to the fact that this wasn 't her house. Peering up at Alex, I gave a sigh. "Hey... Alex? May I have a very, very short word with you for just a second?" "Not now, I 'm sure it can wait," he answered. His tone was sharp, as if he was almost threatening me to make his experience with her a little better. "Pamela? You may make yourself comfortable, I 'm going to get the food ready." "I will," she answered, sitting on the hammock. "Oh, you have a hammock?" I closed my eyes, keeping a growl at bay. I really, really didn 't want her on my hammock. "Um, Pamela?" "Yeah?" she asked, laying back. "Um..." I started, debating over whether I should ask her to get off or not. "Please don 't lay down on that hammock, it 's kind of special to me..." "Why shouldn 't I?" she asked, not having any sense of grace nor manners. "You need to listen to your older brother, this is his apartment, right?" "No, it 's not. He 's living here until he can find his own place. I 'm the one who owns the apartment. Plus, that hammock was my father 's..." I muttered ,
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