Personal Narrative: I Am Not A Writer

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I am not a writer. Writing an essay feels painful, I never know whether my work is sufficient or up to par with the standards. In math, 1+1=2. There is no debate, argument, or discussion. In writing, there is no right answer and it is not always accepted by everyone. I am scared. I am uncertain. The last sixteen years, I struggled viewing myself in a positive way. Being an only child and having to live in a basement for so many years made me crawl in a hole and isolate myself from the world around me. When I was younger and saw kids playing sports, instruments, or activities, all I could think was “I wish I could do that.” I was not exposed to the world as most of my friends were, I did not have anyone to play sports or games with. My mom works two janitorial jobs so she was either working or just…show more content…
I have accepted that not everything will turn out the way I want them to but I am going to move forward my senior year and make the best of it. I wish I could have improved myself and experienced more during my past three years of high school but now I know that I have the ability to be greater than what I limited myself to. The drive was always there, I just did not know how to embrace it. All that I want to accomplish overwhelms me but in order to achieve these long term goals, I have started taking the steps to change the way I see myself and accept that I am not perfect, but perfection is over rated. This fierce desire of excelling in my profession and aspiring to be a philanthropist excites me. I know I cannot change my past but I am not going to let it determine my future. I do not have it all figured out, but I am holding on to my faith and hope of a much fulfilling future. It is never too late to make a difference, not only in myself, but in the
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