Personal Narrative: I Am On The Balance Beams

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¨Hard days are the best days because that's when champions are made.¨ That was the day I learned I would not be a champion in gymnastics, but especially not on the balance beam. When I was 4 I thought I was quite the gymnast. So, I took lessons at Gym corner in Washington. Well, I saw my sister do a cartwheel on the beam, so I had to be just as good as her and do one also. So I did one of those I-am-better-than-her-and-I-am-the-best-at-everything-kind-of-struts to the beam. So I get up on that beam thinking I am Gabby Douglas, and try to do a cartwheel. I thought for sure mine would be much better than Carrigans (my sister). I was running, yet jumping and soaring upside down across the beam. consequently, I slipped and fell off, while landing on a bolt keeping the beam together. Meanwhile people around me gasping, The blood streaming down my leg. Also the tears drifting down my face. And the bitterness of tears. I have a horrendous hole in my leg and I'm crying. Meanwhile my teacher Ms. Katrina, which I absolutely did not like,nevertheless she handed me a band aid and made me keep participating. I thought I was going to die, or bleed to death. So I sprinted out of the gymnasium, and went to my mother crying, and my mom decided to take me to the hospital. My mother then asked me how I got the big gash in my leg and I told her I got pushed instead of saying that I fell off. So we went to the ER and they gave me a couple of stitches. While I was there I asked the doctor to make Ms.Katrina sick! So the next day when we went back in for my sister. Then my mom said I told her I got pushed and wanted to know who pushed me, meanwhile they watched the video and they saw me trying to do a …show more content…

And I'm pretty positive I will not be the upcoming Gabby Douglas. Even If “hard days are the best because those are when champions are made” I'm definitely not a champion, but it was a memorable

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