Personal Narrative: I Believe In Success

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I Believe in Success
Basketball. Making connections with others on the court. Showing my skills on the court. Working hard and winning the game for my team, and most importantly, giving it my all to succeed. I believe if you put your all into it, you will succeed.
There’s nothing like feeling the hot sweat running down my face or aching in my body every time I run harder. Or all the bruises I receive from diving onto the ground getting a loose ball and bodying up down at the block for a post feed. I don’t care no matter what I do to myself out there on the court, as long as I am putting my all into it.
Regional games. My whole team was very excited, preparing for the first game of the playoff season. We all knew if we work hard as a team,
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All I see is the scoreboard and thinking how we need to catch up. My teammates cheering from the bench, supporting us throughout the game. And at the end of the game, how proud our coaches are and our student section screaming like crazy. All we can say is that we made it, making history for our school.
State Finals. Heading onto the bus, overly excited for this big weekend. We all know that we are going to be facing some pretty difficult teams, but also keeping in mind that we made it here and made history for our school. Stepping onto Illinois State University’s court, was priceless. The glare from the lights hitting the court making it seem extra shiny and the widespread view of over 10,000 seats. As the crowd cheers when we step onto the court, a rush of excitement hits me thinking we can do this for our team. Running up to shake the coaches and referees’ hands, as my name is called from the announcer, I’m thinking, this is it. It’s time to put everything into these two games because I might not ever be in this position again.
Unfortunately, we didn’t put everything we had into these two state finals game and ended up in fourth place. Looking at our results, we succeed the most when we put an effort into our games. The blood, sweat, and tears was worthwhile. We ended up in the final four in the
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