Personal Narrative: I Don T Know

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“I don’t know.” I’m not sure how many times that phrase was spoken to me by medical professionals in 2011. It was too many times. In May of 2011 I came home from a walk and my right foot was badly swollen. My mother told me that I overworked it and to leave it alone. That is also what the next few pediatricians said. When that didn’t work, they suggested a sprain. This process continued as nothing was effective. Every doctor’s appointment, the diagnosis was worse! I’m pretty sure someone muttered tumor or heart disease. When bone bruise was mentioned, I spent a Disney trip in a boot. Florida is not boot friendly. Manilla folder in hand, my mother and I walked into the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia exhausted. We carried that manilla folder everywhere for over a year. In it were scripts, x-rays, MRIs, and CAT scans. It was about ready to burst and so was my untreated foot. We had lost count of the doctors appointments and this place was our last hope. When the doctor finally saw us and the manilla folder, she told us that she thought it was lymphedema. Instead of relief or even fear, we were confused. In this long journey,…show more content…
I went to one place and walked right out. It was a physical rehabilitation center with the word lymphedema slapped on the window. Then we met a therapist named Robin. She was interesting. She showed us her extreme weight loss photos and told me about the importance of self care, however my foot didn’t improve so we left. Third time really is the charm as that’s when we met Tracey. She was very kind and educated. She told me that her goal was to make me feel as normal as possible. That’s when I was sold. So, we went through a week of bandaging to get my legs as normal as possible. Then she measured me for actual lymphedema stockings, not the grandma ones I was given. The new garments were amazing and my feet were as normal as I had seen them pre-diagnosis. I was
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