Personal Narrative: I Had a Teenage Eating Disorder! Essay examples

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I have always had issues with my body and my weight. This unfortunately started at a very young age for me. In grade school I was the girl who towered over everyone, and was a little more build than the typical girl my age. All the other kids in my grade looked basically the same from my point of view. There was one other girl who was the same height as me and the kids nicknamed us the “twin towers”. I remember wanting to look like anyone but me at that time. Today I am considered average height and can only wish for a pair of long legs. My paper is about my struggles with eating and exercise, and the importance of exercise and nutrition in my life.
Ever since I was young I have been the athletic girl in my grade. I played every sport
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My freshmen year, surprisingly, passed by quickly. I was so busy with volleyball, basketball, track, and new school rules that I did not have much time to pick apart my body. There was still a part of me obsessing over my weight . I really started picking out my flaws my summer going into my sophomore year. I worked out every day in the summer. I started out by running the bike path that circles through my town once a day. The path’s distance was about 4 miles. Midway through the summer I started running the path once in the morning and once at night. I still was not satisfied with how I looked.
My junior is when my obsession with my body spiraled out of control. I was constantly counting calories and setting new weight goals. All I thought about at this time was what size I could fit into and how little I would look next to other people. I knew this was not healthy. I noticed a change in every aspect of my personality. I changed from my bubbly, extroverted personality to an anti-social, nobody. People started telling me I was too skinny, or I needed to eat something. I immediately became offended. After all my hard work and stress of reaching a weight, people wanted me to change. I was instantly confused by my life. I did not understand why all of a sudden everyone’s opinion mattered to me.
I was miserable but did not know how to stop my obsession. My mother finally stepped in. She sat down with me and talked about all her concerns with my weight. I came
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