Personal Narrative: I Hate My Job

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She is in the middle of an alley while looking directly at some guy running straight to her direction, she moves her hand in the air and he is pushed to the end of the alley. In her distraction other guy comes behind her and attack her, she struggles a little bit, but then with another wave of her hand makes him fly off to the other side. After finally recovering her breath she screams, “Ahh, I hate my job, I really hate it. Can this even be considered a job? I mean, come on, I’m always being attacked or something and I don’t even get paid!”. I’m Alex a 18 years old Puerto Rican. I moved to New York with my parents, but they died in an accident which left me in a coma. After being for 2 years in coma I woke up in what it looked like any other hospital.…show more content…
Still a little confused I decided to ran away. It was hard at first, but after a while I found a job and got an apartment. Everything was normal until this one night while walking back home a person followed me and left me unconcious. I woke up tied into the bed of the “hospital” I was while in coma. I screamed until a woman came to the room. She said that we weren’t in a hospital, but in a kind of laboratory in which they made human experimentation. Apparently the doctors said I was never going to wake up, but after the experimentations they saw good results with me, that’s why I was able to wake up. In addition she said that I was special because my brain has some type of abnormal neural activity which could meant I had superpowers. Obviously I thought she was crazy and demanded to be released, but I wasn’t. After days that felt like months in there I knocked down all the security guards without even touching them, she was right I have superpowers. After escaping I tried to stayed low, I didn’t wanted to return to the laboratory and neither I wanted anyone to know about my powers, but that didn’t lasted long. I
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