Personal Narrative : I Hate You

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Sosksksoahsk sanakos I hate you! I love you You 're mean You make me feel like a little girl! (Deadpool) Well I know why you 're my friend (sense you asked me), it 's because I can 't ever get bored of you, sometimes it might hurt like it did tonight but I love talking to you and you 're so amazing and funny and and fantastic, I might say some mean things, and do some mean things but it 's just because... IM NOT A LEACH, I know I always stick around and I 'm sorry if that 's inconvenient to you but I just can 't stop, I can 't say we make each other whole because you 're already pretty whole and we 're like opposite people, but I 'm still not being able to get over your sense of humor, your laugh, your gorgeous blue/gray eyes, and everything about you... I know you show affection by saying you hate me or by calling me names I get it, it 's just hard to get used to you 're one confusing girl! I 've been by your side consistently for 10 months now, you can tell me anything and I 'm always here for you and I 'm not even getting bored, I 'm writing this like a love note, (it 's not one) but I 'm just saying how much you mean to me, this is why you 're my friend, I don 't know why I 'm still you 're friend because I 'm an annoying asshole, but most the time I 'm just trying to connect or talk, or get you mad because you 're funny and cute when you 're a lil ticked  idk and I guess you said you don 't know why I 'm still your friend, that 's your choice,Vince mad me so mad,
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