Personal Narrative: I Have A Dream

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The words of Martin Luther King Jr. hold as much truth fifty years ago as they do now: “I have a dream…”. I, too, have a dream for America, that progress will never stop being the foundation of this country. I have a dream that one day, all traces of today’s struggles will be as insignificant and irrelevant as the worries of the European explorers believing the world is flat. I have a dream that someday, the next generation will correct the error of their predecessors. I have a dream that my optimism regarding the future will prove every bit of doubt in my mind wrong.
While I have always been a “glass-half-full” kind of person, one topic that I consistently am the most enthusiastic about is the future. Despite the capricious nature of life, the roller coaster of history has consistently had more ups than downs. I say this thinking specifically of times when women couldn’t vote, colored people were property, explores believed the world to be flat, and things as mild as a common could could wipe out an entire village. We had to have made some progress, which is evident due to a woman even
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You need to remain optimistic in the face of police brutality and oil spills. You have to cling onto what's still good in the world. You must believe that there's hope. If there is one thing left in this entire world to be optimistic about, in the face of mass shootings and mass incarceration, it's that somehow tomorrow will be better than today. If hope for the future is lost, there is nothing driving us to work towards this better America.
I am optimistic about the future because I need to be. I am optimistic about the future because there is nothing left to do other than to hope that years from now things will get better. There has to be a reason why atrocities happen; if that reason is as small as demonstrating the importance of optimism, I am going to clutch onto that like a security blanket, and weave it into the fabric of my very
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