Personal Narrative: I Love Barney Books Around Pre-School

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Tap. Tap. My fingers musically tap the spine of the book as I sit curled up on my bed. Thump. Thump. My heart beats just like a drum. My sister’s noise, quietly, if not stealthily fades into the background. As I continue to read, I’m getting closer and closer to the climax.... then… BOOM! Everything starts to make sense as I put together the pieces of this mystery novel. Ever since I can remember, I have liked reading, however I didn’t love it. But my memory does not go back to more than Kindergarten. However if I do try very hard, I faintly do remember loving Barney books around pre-school. I would love reading his stories by myself, and with other people, especially my sister. One situation that I remember right now, happened to be quite…show more content…
In 5th grade, I remember that our visiting times to the school library decreased and so did my urge to read. I almost forgot how it felt to be reading books of my own choice. The only time when I would read was when my teacher would assign a specific chapter to read of the book Wonder, and a worksheet. Filling out a worksheet after reading or while reading is like a punishment, the sheet is not letting me enjoy what i’m reading. Instead it’s made me a working machine, trying to pick out small details throughout the book. As I recall, I stopped reading for my own pleasure at that time. However the next year, 6th grade, in Language Arts we would visit the library once a month, or I would visit during the quiet S.T.A.R time to pick out a book. I picked off where I left off in my reading journey and starting reading again! I realized then, my interest in book genres had changed. Why, I was more interested in books taking place in middle school/high school, meaning that I enjoyed realistic fiction. Continuing on reading, I transitioned into 7th grade. In 7th grade I kept on reading more and more, I even kept a chart of the books I read! My Language Arts teacher also read along with the class with her own books and also encouraged me. Infact, both of my middle school Language Arts teachers encouraged me to keep reading. They would be surprised every time I announced that I finished a book, that made me want to surprise them more. Overall, this time period with my teachers helped me boost my reading
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