Personal Narrative: I M Fighting For

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“I’m Fighting For…”; the expression defined boldly in black contrasting the white wall it occupies. A blank canvass that has since flourished into a colorful, passionate artwork of hand-written sentiments surrounding the innermost phrase that I and so many others have proudly contributed to. This, I believe, is the uttermost beautiful and raw depiction of reality that resides in my office.

Since June, I have read every last one, word for word. Imagining myself in the shoes of the writer. It’s my cup of coffee for the day. It’s like the caffeine that feeds me the energy to be more resilient and tenacious. On that wall, this is what I wrote: “You.”

My fight began with comprehensive immigration reform. What started with a deep conversation during my senior year between my school’s Army instructors about my immigrant status evolved into an array of discussions. Never did I have the courage to come out of the shadows, until I knew someone …show more content…

By invitation, I spent my first absence of my high school career at the announcement in Del Sol High School. From that momentous event, I took with me the passion of every activist I met and person that told me their story to utilize and emphasize my words on the importance of asking for help and taking necessary …show more content…

As an organizing fellow, I commuted two hours on the bus after school to make phone calls in the southern portion of Las Vegas and on my weekends register voters in high-traffic places. When I graduated high school, I dedicated every second of every day interacting with my community, organizing events, informing, and mobilizing an army of individuals that were all fighting for a

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