Personal Narrative : I Run And Run

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I run and run. All I can here is the snap of tree branches, dogs barking who I can’t tell if they’re chasing me or just off in the distances, and the rocks rolling down the cliff next to me hoping that I’m not next to role down. As I keep running I feel my body slow down I became grow weaker every second. As I slow down I think to myself I have to keep running I need to get out of there I can’t stand it anymore. Just escape and get out of the awful place.

Many things happened to lead up to this point. I don’t like to look back on these awful times anymore. I’m finally getting over it and getting those thoughts out of my head, but i think it will be good to get them out and make my voice heard.

It all start on warm,
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I stand up and start heading to the bathroom.

He stops me and asks, “Where do you think your going?”

I explain, “I have to use the bathroom.”

He hesitates for a second and says, “Alright make it quick.”

I hurry off as I get into the bathroom there 's a window. At this moment I decide to climb out and get out so I can know where I am to get the police to help all the other girls. I get out and hear the kidnapper yelling for me and that 's when I began to run. I run fast and faster every second. This is when i realize I will soon become weak and not be able to keep running.

I hear off in the distance loud crunching of the leaves and twigs braking. I run hard and fast trying not to trip over the twigs in my path. I dodge most of them, but I hit the front of my foot off the front of a huge root and i twist my ankle. As i scramble to my feet it 's too late he has me again…

He starts yelling at me, but it’s in spanish i have no idea what he is saying. I got one sentence he was saying and it was.

“No te atrevas a hacer eso nuevamente tú.”

When I was free I looked it up and it means don’t you dare do that again you 're mine. He was telling me that I was now his property and I will now always be. He brought me back to the hotel and wouldn’t let me out of his eyesight he was to afraid I would try to escape again and try to get away, and he wasn 't wrong… I would.

“Can I go to the bathroom?”, I ask

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