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Zac Hilson
ENGL 1102
I-Search Paper

Music has always been emotionally evocative to me since I was young. I am always able to recall just how extreme the atmosphere and mood can be enhanced by music. Whether at a bitter-sweet moment in a TV show or at a heroic moment in a video game music is always there to multiply the emotions of the scene tenfold. Even today I find myself recalling emotions and feeling them all over again whenever I listen to a particular piece of music, especially so for ones that went along with a highly memorable scene in a show or game. I wind up pumping my fist in the air all over again if inspiring, or fighting back tears if morose. I never knew why music affected me so or how, and so after learning of this assignment I decided it was time I looked into it. Why this story matters is simple. It is simply the reason I ever asked this question. I wanted to know why music could affect emotions to such an extent, and why it could leave such lasting impacts. During my research I was almost overwhelmed with the plethora of articles, papers, and discussions on the subject. One of the first articles I found “Music & How It Impacts Your Brain, Emotions” gave me a little food for thought. “The appreciation of music is tied to the ability to process its underlying structure — the ability to predict what will occur next in the song.”( _) I had never considered that at least some of the enjoyment of music came from a sort of problem solving yet,…

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