Personal Narrative: I Think Bailey Is Doing At School

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I wonder how bailey is doing at school. Mom said, She better get those papers turned in I asked her about. I wonder if my show is on today.she thought, I think I think it was called Bob's cooking show. Someone is calling me, I wonder who it is. Hello “your daughter just got up out of here seat and then she fell” Bailey just got up and fell! I meet you at the hospital asap. Where are my keys? There they are. Come on car you drive so slow. Fine i'll just pass you. Where an I park yes, I found a spot. Come on I was going to park there. Finally i'm here. Where's Bailey at.The MRI room” Where's the MRI room “down the hall and her last door on the left” ok thank you. Bailey are you ok.Good now what happened at school well I hope your ok. Bailey will be fine. How do you talk to her from here that's really cool. I hope nothing is wrong with her, she might of just got a little dizzy. Doctor can I sleep here with bailey ,mom asked. Bailey i'm sorry the doctor said I can't so I will see you tomorrow “that's ok mom, I love you”. I can't believe the doctor said I can't stay with her. I hope she will be ok. I'm going to call my husband. Come on pick up pick up.Why won't he answer. When he gets home, I'm…show more content…
“Beep beep” what i'm up i'm up stupid alarm clock. What time is it it 11:29 I got to get ready. I have everything ours check lipstick check car key check. I have to hurry. Why won't my car start. I'll have to call Bailey. Hello bailey hi mom, my car is not starting so I am going to be late i'm sorry. “That's ok mom I love you mom”. I love you too Bailey.I'll run down the road and ask if I can borrow the Mounties I'll bring it back when i'm done. I'll call bailey and tell her i'm on my way. Hello bailey “hi mom” I'm on my way bailey but i'm stuck I traffic “ok mom see you soon”. Come on hurry up i'm going to be late. Finally we're moving. I got to go move, please hurry up finally the exit to the hospital. I got to go. I'm there where is
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