Personal Narrative: I Want To Be Paid

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From my childhood to the present day my Mom and I have faced numerous financial hurdles. This is mostly due to the fact that my biological father decided to leave whenever I was two months old. Sadly, he has never been found and it has left my Mom to care for a growing daughter with a minimum wage salary. She never attended college so whenever I was younger she was forced to work long nights in order to just pay the rent each month. Now we are attempting to figure out how to pay sixteen thousand dollars in college expenses whenever that figure exceeds her annual salary by 142%.
During my younger years I was very insecure about myself and unsociable. In part, this was probably due to being at home by myself for numerous years while my Mom took the night shift at HyVee. In fact, I was bullied because I was different from the general population in Blue Springs, Missouri. I didn’t have the newest gadget nor was I able to create a connection with my peers. Due to my
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We moved into my cousin’s family home and paid a decreased rent while they stayed in Florida for a few years. In Oak Grove, Missouri I experienced less bullying but it was still present. In fact, one of my own teachers actually began to ridicule me in front of the class and blame me whenever the other students would do something wrong. After that year, I began to despise going to school and my grades began to drop. Luckily, I met a few teachers there who understood my situation economically and even tried to help me with my self-esteem but eventually I couldn’t take the constant taunts anymore. My Mom began to notice especially after calling the school repeatedly about that teacher. At the end of the year during fifth grade she gave me the option of moving to another school district and I decided I would try for one more new start to get away from the stigmas that those classmates had of
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