Personal Narrative: I Want To Get The Most Out Of College

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Since I was little I have known I wanted to end up at a college. I knew I was meant for “something great” and college was the gateway to the “something great” I strived for. But college means more to me than a desire I had a child, it means escaping my parents’ fate. They both hold respectable credentials; my dad has an MBA and my mom is a licensed math teacher, and yet they are in positions that are technically underworking them. Due to their predicament, I was raised in a low socioeconomic bracket. However, college is my take off point for my goals of not having to live like my parents do for the rest of my life. That is why I want to get the most out of college- after all I am paying all this money for a reason. Coming in I had a shortlist of groups I wanted to join and events I wanted to partake in. But a mere three days later, that shortlist has adapted and expanded with every suggestion my friends have made. That started a new goal for me: make new friends, attempt some of their hobbies, join them for…show more content…
This class will give me a great chance at getting to know my city and my new home, UTC. With USTU 1250 I also get an opportunity to sit down and create goals. This exercise will only strengthen my future plans. One goal that I currently have is to find my niche on campus. This may take a day this may take a year. I don’t know when I’ll find it or if I’ll find it, but regardless I do know I have a niche in HAM, whether I find it elsewhere or not. Another goal was be able to keep up with my work. I can already tell college is a completely different battleground than high school was and this is the challenge I have been searching for. Freshman year is difficult enough, but that coupled with honors courses and the subsequent honors workload seems like an elephant of a task to keep up with. But I am confident I will be able to survive and hopefully will survive with flying
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