Personal Narrative: I Was Born A Poor Black Child

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“I was born a poor black child” on the Gulf coast of Mississippi in Biloxi, Harrison county. It was the eleventh day of February 1961. I was delivered in the hospital at Keesler Air Force Base where my father was a lieutenant going through pilot training. My mom was now an even busier homemaker with the arrival of child number three in just 27 months. I was 22” long and 9lbs. 4oz.. It was a cool overcast day. The kind of day that reminds you that Mississippi really isn’t that bad after all, weather wise. I am told I was a happy contented baby who slept a lot and only woke up to nurse and then quickly fall asleep again. I grew quickly and was walking by ten months of age. Then you couldn’t keep me out of anything. In just a few short
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