Personal Narrative: I Went To The United States

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I went to the United State four years ago. At first, I was really feel out of place. The weight of not knowing English and not having any friend heavily pushed me down to depression. I did not talk to anyone. Everything in my life went downhill. I got bully in high school my first year here. Because of how I look and how I talk, people would make fun of me. It went really bad that one day. I went to school at 7am as usual, and went straight to my locker. There were a word that written in sharpie on my locker. It said "FAGGOT". My face went blank. I did not know how to react, but stood still for five minutes. After that incident, I did not trust anyone. I completely "shut down". I started to self-harm and it was not healthy at all. However, feeling the physical pain made me forget how cruel this world is.…show more content…
I felt really tired of life, I just wanted to give up. After surviving my first also last time suicide, I started reaching out to people, one by one and day by day. Having the support from the people who truly understand me make me feel "safe". I started to join more club and activities to cut myself of any negative thought. Now, I am the Vice President for International Student Association and Vice President for Student Senate. I am currently enrolled in Interior Design and Health Science program with the hop that I can use my knowledge to help
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