Personal Narrative: I Will Change A Daddy's Girl

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It changed me. I believe the events that happened that night would change any "daddy's girl". The man who's supposed to protect me ended up being the guy I needed protection from that night. Maybe if I would have just kept my mouth shut, he wouldn't have done what he did. I used to be a "daddy's girl", but that might changed our relationship and it will never be the same between my father and I. I haven't talked about what happened that night to no one except my mom and my brother, since they were also there. Here's how that night went so terribly wrong. On the morning of December 15, 2015 I tried to get my phone back since I was put on punishment the previous day. My dad and I got into it a disagreement that lead into a verbal argument. He…show more content…
There wasn't much to eat and I was in the mood for Taco Bell. Even though I knew my dad said I was grounded, I got the keys to my car and walked outside since dad was at work. From the porch I noticed something was different about my car. I stepped down off the porch to inspect it but as I was stepping down I noticed that my licenses plate was missing. Thoughts began racing through my head and I'm sure my ears were turning red like they always do when I'm mad. I knew my dad was the one that took my licenses plate off and hid it. I went back inside but before going into my room I poured me a bowl of cereal. All I could think about was tacos. Looking at my bowl of cereal as I walked to my room angered me. It wasn't because I was eating cereal, but because I bought my own car so that I could have the freedom to eat tacos whenever I wanted. I wasn't a bad kid. I had a job when I was 16 and took schools seriously. Very seldom did I ever talk back to my parents in a disrespectful manner. So why did my dad think it was necessary to take my license plate off of my car? I could understand if he was the one that bought it, but he wasn't. He had no right stealing my license plate. So, I sat there in my room planning out how I was going to approach him when he got home from work. I decided that once he got home I would give him some time to relax so that I had a better chance…show more content…
I could smell alcohol on his breath as he got closer. He took his fist and punch me in my chest, causing me to stumble out into the hallway. He tried closing the door. In retaliation, I was throwing punches at him and yelling. "Don't you ever put your hands on me again" I screamed as I was throwing punches through the crack of the door. He was trying to shut it, but then it went flying open. All of a sudden I felt his hands wrapped around my neck. My feet were lifted off the floor. I tried kicking him so that he would release me. He broke through my door and had me on my bed, choking me. My mom must've heard what was going on so she came out into the hallway from the bathroom. She seen that my dad had me on the bed, choking me. She began beating on his back and was screaming at him. I couldn't breathe. Then my brother came rushing in. He grabbed my dad and body slammed him to the floor, and started hitting dad. I don't know where he got the strength from since he's only about 160 pounds and my dad is about twice his weight. I could finally breathe again! My mom pulled Cam off of dad and Cam tried going to the kitchen, but Mom grabbed him and forced him into my room with me while dad stormed out the house. "I was going to kill him Jay" Cam said as he sat beside me on my bed. I was crying while trying to catch my breath. My brother called the police after mom asked him to. She went to go look for dad. After a
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