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360°, 720°, 1080°, dare I attempt 1440°? I dared – All I could see was the sky. When an idea comes out of my head, it frequently gets scoffed and is seen as one that would appeal to people who have more bad-idea-induced injuries than common sense; and they may have a point… An example of such an idea was when I was twelve years old and my parents were away on vacation for their anniversary. Interested in finding a project to work on, I took the opportunity of my parents’ absence to purchase an old, rundown go-kart I found on Craigslist, knowing my parents would say “no” (if they were around to ask permission…) As shaky as the Craigslist ad may have seemed and as mad as my parents were when they came home to find, in our garage, an old go-kart…show more content…
I experimented with various modifications to maximize its performance. By no means was it a masterfully engineered vehicle, but it provided an incredible opportunity to develop creative solutions. After all, I once used a broomstick to control my throttle when the actual throttle cable snapped and I didn’t have a spare! As I experimented with unusual ideas, I knew exactly what I needed to try next: Industrial sized PVC piping! Allow me to elaborate. I had recently discovered a relatively new form of racing called Formula Drift where ludicrously powerful racecars would spin their rear tires to lose grip and drift. Naturally, I had to find a way to replicate this for myself. I needed to find someway to reduce the friction of the back wheels. The most logical step was oversized water piping that would slip on around the…show more content…
Rather I love finding my limits. As Picasso once said, “The chief enemy of creativity is a ‘good’ sense”. I could have just been sensible and cautious. I could have just never ordered the PVC pipe. I could have just never made the go-kart faster by modifying it. I could have just stayed home like I was supposed to when I was twelve years old and let my desire to build a go-kart disappear. I could have kept all my ideas inside my head. But then I would have never uncovered my lifelong passion of cars. I don’t want to have a “good” idea; I want to be scoffed at. I don’t want to do a 360°, 720°, or 1080° spin; I want to do a 1440° spin. I don’t want to have common sense at the cost of my creativity; I would rather have bad-idea-induced injuries. Some say the sky is the limit. I came face-to-face with the sky, and I would argue that the sky is just the beginning of the
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