Personal Narrative: If Someone Would Have Told Me Before Move In Day

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If Someone Would Have Told Me Before Move In Day…
Rushing my senior year, I couldn’t wait to start college. On May 30th 2015, I walked across the stage graduating from high school anticipating this new journey. Looking forward to college parties, new faces, and new opportunities I could hardly sleep. After getting settled into my dorm, I began to tour my new home. Excited young men and women crowded my vision, and I knew we all had one thing in common: we were entering into a whole new world in which we knew nothing about. If only there was someone who could have prepared us for the long lines in the financial aid office, or how we would grow tired of the cafeteria food, or even how to dress for Texas’ bipolar weather. No one informed us on how to survive.
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My mom woke me up for school almost every day throughout my four years of high school. Transitioning from having someone wake me up at the same time every single day to having to wake myself up was a huge struggle for me. Knowing that I was finally independent and on my own I knew I had to figure something out to wake myself up so I could stay up and refrain from going back to sleep after pressing snooze. My advice on waking up is to just set multiple alarms. For example, if your schedule tells you that you have a class at nine, best thing to do would be to set an alarm at 7:50, another at 8:20 and another at 8:40 to ensure that you are out of the house and on the way to class on time. According to the article “College Resolutions: How to Wake up Early for Class” by Sivani it states “Go to bed at a consistent time. Waking up in the morning actually starts the night before. Going to bed at a consistent time at a normal hour will help you immensely.” This means if you are trying to wake up on time for your morning classes then you definitely shouldn’t be staying out all night, get enough sleep so you won’t wake up
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