Personal Narrative: If You Come With Me

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Well a few years after leaving the O’Jays my new group Dunn & Bruce Street has a new record released. Suddenly, I am receiving multiple calls from Maxine to please come to Philly. I finally go and upon arrival at her house, she greets me with a different atmosphere. Her apartment is candlelit and smells of good food on the stove saturated the room; never had it like this before. Maxine has run a bath for me and invites me to just lie in bed for serving. She has the radio on and to my delight, our song plays 3 times in an hour representing high rotation. Okay, now I know why the multiple desperate calls, but this is my Maxine so I’m cool. Soon dinner is served and Maxine continues to serve every possible need I could ever have. I am in shock at the ‘heightened’ sexual experience she exhibits. I’m beginning to not enjoy what should have been ecstasy on steroids because this groupie is performing like a professional. Our song title “If You Come With Me” is taking on a different meaning.…show more content…
I deserve!! Not being able to control my mouth I ask “Hey, where’s all this treatment been before?” I stop myself from uttering, “Oh, because my record is on the damn radio” … Sensing my frustration she stops and emphatically states, “You didn’t deserve this before. Donnie, I have been with you, displayed undying loyalty, put up with your bullshit and stood behind your precious Karen. I deserve to be your wife, MARRY ME.” I arise and walk out the door. I was deeply hurt by a groupie. I allowed myself to commit to her knowing in the back of my mind that she was a groupie… was my reason for feeling jaded justified? Or am I faced with the reality that women just like men are capable of reserving total access until the right
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