Personal Narrative: Igloo In A Small Neighborhood

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Chamberlyn Thompson
Professor Carol Copenhefer
Genr 091C
19 January 2017
Igloo in a Small Neighborhood As a child the best thing in the world is hearing the word snow day when you are half awake in the morning. A lot of children just sleep in and watch cartoons in their warm cozy homes, but I was in an all-boys neighborhood, so there was no way I would be able to sleep in without being disturbed.
When I was eleven years old I woke up and looked outside my window where I saw snow glistening everywhere. All the cars were covered in snow and so were the house. My neighbor Wayne had a plow so he got on his tractor and pushed all the snow in front of my cousins’ house. Most of us started climbing the giant pile of snow, trying to be king of
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