Personal Narrative: Improving Clinical Reasoning

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During the following days, my mind was stuck and I was trying to understand how I would improve my clinical reasoning skills in order to become a better physiotherapist. I decided to ask my supervisor for some articles that could help me with this. Walking forward from my reflection, Bernamy linked the clinical reasoning with the learning process to ride a bike. She said that when we learn, the knowledge ingrained inside us and we don’t have to think about it, it comes automatically but in order to archive this we have to speed time on it and to practice it a lot. (Benamy, 1998) And she was right, exactly the same happens during clinical reasoning, in order to improve our self, we need to spend time, to have practise in this process and finally we will get better.

During the clinical reasoning process, physiotherapist have to keep in minds two important questions, What I will do? And Why am I doing it?. As a student or even more as a therapist, if we don’t know the reason to apply a technique to the patient and why we will do this technique then we have to stop and go back
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Some retrospective reports, show that the main reason for these mistakes is the clinical reasoning skill deficits and not the lack of knowledge. (Monteiro, S., Sherbino, et al, 2015) One step further to this, a good way to develop the clinical reasoning skill is to practise our self with patients that have similar problems or condition but different symptom presentation. This will help us to pick up information in a technique level and help the therapist to develop a critical thinking and to see how the uniqueness of each patient can affect our therapy. (Cohn, 1989) The problem that i had during my experienced was I was not flexible to adapt my treatment based on the patients’ individual needs and I beloved that all patients with the lumbar problems, can be treated with the same way, that is
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