Personal Narrative: Improving Communication

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When I work as team, I has communication with other member so, it has several solution that can help to improve my communication to have more professional. The initially topics is meeting management. The beginning of working should planning meeting. Meeting divide into 3 parts are before, during, and after. In the part of before, I should know the purpose and role of meeting. During meeting, if it is face to face meeting, I should know agenda of the meeting and participants their role for easy to communicate about work. After meeting, I should sure that I and other team member understand the information of the meeting because I may discuss with other team member. In addition, after the meeting finish, I should prepare myself for the next meeting.…show more content…
For example, define standard time and language for meeting and put the fully detail in each topic of the agenda. The next topic is conflict management. During meeting, we may have conflict with other member. So, I bring the strategies that got from the class to improve my skill. We should avoid negative conflict and must solve problems that occur in the team. In the topic, it has several conflict management style that can solve problem and the best style that I think that it is the best solution is collaboration or problem solving style. I choose the style because it lead to win-win outcome and decrease conflict during working. The next topic is intercultural communication. It has significant with international business and it has difference culture that I should adjust with it and the strategies that I should use to adapt with intercultural communication are etiquette for meeting and language barrier. I should know intercultural etiquette which are Asian, Europe, and American for prepare myself before meeting and the most important that use for communication is language. I should improve my language skill, may learn the third language such as chines or
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