Personal Narrative: Improving Religious Structure

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In my version, I would like to improve the religious structure by eliminating the hatred from nonbelievers to be free to continue worshipping who we want. Then if some individuals don’t feel like a certain religion is for them they are free to transfer without hatred. There wouldn’t be anyone criticizing others based on what they believe and worship. Instead of hatred, there would be harmony and understanding within each religion in existence. From this version, peace, charity ,and social justice would be strongly emphasized and supported to spread kindness within the world. People would not need to feel obligated to follow a religion they don’t want to follow due to family or peer pressure. Nonbelievers wouldn’t be criticized and instead will…show more content…
The followers would represent an example of what their religion stands for. Anyone would have the opportunity to experience any type of religion to see which one they feel the most comfortable in. Followers can build their foundation in religion to support them in their troubled and memorable moments. Anything against religion would be ignored to not cause any further complications. It is supported for individuals to set up goals to further spread the faith of their religion. Symbols and stories what the religion is made up will not be ridiculed but be a reason for followers open to the idea of these sacred and legendary things. There would be an increasing amount of participation within the younger generations for them to also be a part of the unifying community. Individuals within each religion would respect one another and be open to finding common ground instead of differences between each other. There would be no mockery over what rules and lifestyle they have to follow in their religion. Also for religion to be at the same pace as technology, it would be connected with social media as a way of people connecting from all parts of the
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