Personal Narrative: Improving Team Dance

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As a result of the coaches, the dynamics between the dancers throughout this last season were superior over the other seasons I was on the team. For instance, during the first three seasons I danced on the team, before competitions started, at least two girls quit each season, and some even quit multiple seasons because they remained unsatisfied with the same issues from past seasons. However, this season, not a single girl quit because of team issues, which shows this season's superiority. Another example of improving team dynamics is the way we all grew closer throughout this season. In fact, one dancer even said, "Because of this team I have found my real friends." For example, at the beginning of my last season, some girls disliked…show more content…
For example, on the five hour bumpy school bus ride to Grand Forks, the team had more fun than previous seasons; we sang songs, and we laughed at each other's attempts at putting on makeup while bouncing about. On the other hand, during other seasons' rides, we merely slept and privately listened to our own music. In addition, we performed the best performances at this season's state competition, especially on the first day; we performed two routines with no mistakes, personal bests for the team. Although we did perform so well, we did not make any finals, however we still had good attitudes because we were content with our performances. Contrastingly, in previous seasons, we still did not make any finals, but most of the girls cried after our performances and when we found this out. Thankfully none of that happened my last season, making that season the best. On top of those reasons, at this season's State Dance Competition, the team realized how much progress we really made over the nine long months of the season. We realized what great coaches we had, what great friends we became, and how hard we worked to improve. Most of all, we realized we did not need a trophy from finals to validate ourselves because we were happy with what we had. That last competition perfectly capped off my years of dance, and therefore
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