Personal Narrative: Indianapolis Public School

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Beginning my elementary school career, I attended Indianapolis Public Schools. When I entered school, Kindergarten was only half days, and we were working on materials such as, learning our alphabet and counting to 100. The workload was a far cry from the addition, subtraction, early reading skills, and science that my daughter is learning in kindergarten this year. Following the first grade I left the Indianapolis Public School System and entered into a new school system. Embarking on second grade we started working on the skills that would help us read proficiently. I was absolutely struggling, but I was also so distrustful that I didn’t dare to say anything to my teacher. Thankfully, even without me saying anything to her, my teacher noticed…show more content…
Beaming from the moment I caught sight of her, i’m certain I spoke more in the short time that we were together than I did for the rest of the day combined. I can’t recall a time that I was unhappy to see her and I never felt like I was missing out on learning in the classroom with my peers. Actually, I welcomed the interruption due to the fact that in class all of the words looked like complete nonsense to me. My tutor had a way of making me feel special and moreover like she enjoyed spending the time with me just as much as I enjoyed spending it with her. Going to her office always seemed like the shortest part of my day, though it was also the part that I wanted to last the…show more content…
Personally, I believe that the tutoring had such a lasting effect on me because at that time in my life I desperately needed someone, anyone to invest in me. I desperately needed someone to instill in me that I could and would succeed. More than anything I needed someone to shine some positivity into my life. I believe that the fact that she always made coming to see her feel like a treat also helped me reap the full benefits of being with her. Furthermore, I think it is paramount that the school caught my problems early on and took action, rather than waiting to see if the problem would work out on its
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